This application is designed to save you a lot of searching time

Requirements: Windows 7, ‎Windows 8, ‎Windows 8.1, Windows 10 for PC and laptop
for European languages only

It has been a long time since search engines became an essential part of our daily lives. Sometimes effective searching is the central factor for success. And it would be great if it were possible to make the search faster.

One way to achieve this is to save time finding keywords while opening the page your search engine found for you. What if you could go right to the paragraph containing the keywords automatically?

At the other side, in this case it would be better if you had a broader field of preliminary view of the text with keywords, not just one phrase.

Another reason for preliminary processing of pages is that indexed content can become outdated.

When a search engine displays search results this app collects all the links on the page and follows them (in parallel). Loading a page SearchAccelerator finds out not just the presence of the search words but also their closeness to each other: if they appear in the same sentence, in the same paragraph or on the same page. The app paints links on the search engine results page different colors, corresponding to their closeness (or their absence).

In case of highlighting problems increase the 'Time before highlighting' parameter in Options and don't forget to use the F3 button in that situation.


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