Scadarlia: New Approach to Search Engine Using

It has been a long time since search engines became an essential part of our daily lives. Sometimes effective searching is the central factor for success. And it would be great if it were possible to make the search faster.


When we are searching something we are getting a Search Engine result pages. What data do they contain? Links and phrases with keywords. What if they would contain data about closeness of keywords to each other? For example it could look like that

Red link can represent a situation in which all keywords appear in one phrase. And that means a very high probability of finding what we need. When keywords are scattered all over a page they most likely have different, not coincided contexts (such links can have green color). And when at least one keyword is missing link can have pink color. Going straight to red links can save time.

What else can save time?

Having wider phrases with keywords. It would be much more convenient if we had more detailed view on keywords context. But in this case it would take too much place. What if for each link there would be a popup window with more broad context? The popup can show the paragraphs containing keywords. Something like this (the popup appears after mouse stays over the first link):

It's much more than one sentence we would have without the popup

And there is the last case when we can save our time.

It is the time for opening a link from results page, scrolling and trying to find the place we need. If we would find the relevant paragraph on the popup the click on it should open the page and automatically scroll the page to this paragraph. Like this:

Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 for PC and laptop.