Extra criterion

Search engines give us links to pages containing our keywords. All right. But there's a question. Suppose we have two pages with same keywords but on the first page they all are in one sentence and on the second page:    one keyword is in the metadata, second is in the text and third is in the footnote. Are these pages of the same relevance? No, they are not. The more distance between keywords is the more probability of their appearance there by pure accident is.

But for Google and other search engines this difference doesn't exist.   Nevertheless we can improve Google's results. How? Simply analyzing search results ones more. That's another reason for preliminary load pages found by Google and other engines (the main reason was to see paragraphs containing keywords more clearly).

And there comes into play our application (home). It analyzes distance between the keywords and paints Google's links different colors depending of their closeness to each other.

That's how it looks on navigation popup window. Red link: all the keywords are in the same phrase. (Closest distance - maximal possible relevance)

Brown link: all the keywords are in the same paragraph. (Middle distance - middle possible relevance)

Green link: all the keywords are in the different paragraphs. (Largest distance - minimal possible relevance)

Magenta link: at least one keyword missing.